Leftfield Pictures is an unscripted content powerhouse with hundreds of hours of cutting-edge and innovative  programming, airing on various major networks and OTT platforms. Its ratings-grabbing shows are rooted in strong storytelling and casting, and run the gamut from compelling character-driven pieces to laugh-out-loud comedies. Leftfield Pictures has pioneered a new standard of television: Delivering shows with both ‘laugh and learn’ elements that entertain and also inform the audience.

Based in Manhattan and Los Angeles, Leftfield is consistently churning out quality programming that is developed internally, powered by its robust casting department that is at the forefront of who and what is next in content production. In addition to original concept, Leftfield is known for being a great partner to independent producers and to networks who bring the company their ideas.


At Leftfield Pictures, we believe content is king, and our superior casting and storytelling results in must-see television. We believe in not overselling in the room and emphasize execution in everything we do. The results speak for themselves: In the company’s history the first 15 pilots commissioned all went to series.

Leftfield Pictures (An ITV America Company)