Tonko Soljan

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Tonko Soljan is the Vice President of Business Affairs and formerly Executive in Charge for Leftfield Pictures. He joined the company in 2010 and spearheads efforts as it pertains to business and financial aspects of productions (including development, pilots and series), as well as the oversight over all productions with regard to business affairs, contracts, talent agreements, legalese, network liaising, and risk; Soljan also oversees a number of business facets regarding corporate operations, business development and brand management.

Soljan is a seasoned Production Head whose projects prior to joining Leftfield Pictures include the hit television series “Teen Mom” on MTV, and the Sundance Festival Official Selection, “Adrift in Manhattan,” starring Heather Graham. In addition, he has also chased tornadoes through the Mid-West with the foremost scientists and adventurers to create “Storm Chasers,” one of the prior staples of Discovery Channel’s programming lineup that paved the way for the creation of various television programs that concentrate on untamed, wild, adventurous and risky environments and circumstances. During that time, NYC production shingle Original Media retained Soljan to spearhead the logistics behind some TV’s current successful series including TLC’s “Miami Ink” and “LA Ink.”

Previously Soljan was the Head of Production for NYC film outfit Entropy Films and had produced the acclaimed doc feature “Beyond Our Differences,” and several additional film properties. Soljan’s collaborative effort helped create a segment at the 2007 World Economic Forum around the film, and further, Beyond Our Differences was featured on PBS’s ‘Bill Moyers Journal’ in December 2008; Using that as a catalyst Soljan brokered a wide domestic and international home video distribution deal with PBS.

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