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12 Half Hours
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Wednesdays at 9:00PM, EST

Bid & Destroy

National Geographic

Bid & Destroy follows Danley Demo, the kings of demolition, as they knock out the competition with their clever bidding tactics, ability to uncover valuable items, and expertise in demolishing everything from factories to motels in lightning speed. Brian Gurry and his team aren’t your typical demolition crew: they are American treasure hunters who wear hardhats and drive excavators. But before they can roll up their sleeves and dig, they’ve got to win the job. The bidding process can swing many ways ranging from a blind bid where they’ve never seen the property but must name a price for their work, to a tour of the space with other competing demo companies – ending in an all out bid war. With over 200 jobs a year, their track record proves that they can lock down projects, but there are no guarantees that they’ll find treasures on-site, and ultimately get the building down with profits coming out on top. Series to air on Nat Geo.

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