Leftfield Produced:
7 Half Hours
Initial Air Date:
Pilot Aired 6/20/2012
Series Airs:
Fridays @ 10:30PM, EST

Health Inspectors

Food Network

Health Inspectors features restaurants facing do-or-die stakes. Having failed their most recent health inspection, these restaurants have a second inspection right around the corner, which could literally make or break the business. With 15 years in the food service industry, our expert consultant Ben Vaughn will be called upon to re-vamp the way these restaurants function. Whether it’s Marinara sauce that the kitchen staff leaves out uncovered for days and still serves, or a fridge that has rotting foods spreading disease, Ben will do more than just help the restaurant make the grade. He’ll make sure the staff is 100% retrained on the safest and healthiest practices and procedures to use moving forward. Series to air on Food Network.

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