Animal Planet

Swamp’d! is your riverboat to a remote town of people who live off of the land and are the masters of a domain not witnessed by most: the deep swamp of the Louisiana bayou. The show centers around P’Maw and the tiny bait shop he runs in Pierre Part, Louisiana. The shop acts as a Town Hall for this community of incredibly colorful characters. P’Maw, the town’s de-facto mayor, serves every bizarre request of these townsfolk, with the help of his family who run the shop with him. Whether it’s catching 100 bullfrogs for a party, turning roadkill into stew, or finding a male goat for a wedding (you read that right), P’Maw NEVER says no to his customers. The shop is open 24/7, and the quirky requests from customers keep that same schedule. Join P’Maw and the gang this Spring on Animal Planet, and come get Swamp’d!

Leftfield Pictures (An ITV America Company)